F2M with Matheus Prado

From southern Spain, F2M is a project that explores the Flamenco universe bringing it to a modern context in a trio format. The band formed by Francis Gomez Cruzado on guitar, Manu Pinzon on drums and Matheus Prado on double bass, is as comfortable playing in a traditional flamenco tablao as they are improvising as jazz trio. This trio goes under the different “palos” (different musical forms that Flamenco is divided, each of them has a distinct set of musical features in terms of rhythm, mode and lyrics) where the audience can see the many influences that are present in Flamenco, such as Eastern or Latin. 

Matheus Prado was born in Brazil and with nine years old he started playing piano. After his family moved to Europe, he learnt other instruments, but the one that touched him in a different way was the Bass. He was lucky to have one of the best electric Spanish bass players as a first tutor, Fernando Lamadrid. After few months studying with Fernando, Matheus started gigging with local bands. A year after playing electric bass, Matheus started going to jazz concerts and the sound of the double fascinated him. He spent all his savings in double bass, student model. In order to improve his technique and knowledge of the instrument he took lessons with Jaime Serradilla, Pablo Báez and Juan Miguel Guzmán in Seville and also travelling to other cities to meet some of the tutors. After this era, he decided to study classical technique with Yuri Goloubev, a bass virtuoso at the Royal College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, UK, where he also did a masters in Jazz. During this masters he also studied composition with Steve Waterman and Paula Gardiner, finding a passion to write for a septet.

Matheus had shared stage with a variety of artists such as Huw Warren, Iain Ballamy, Stan Sulzmann, Miguelo Delgado, Xavi Reija, playing from small clubs to big festivals like EFG London Jazz Festival (UK) or Don Benito Blues Festival (Spain).

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