John Law's Congregation

Stratford Jazz

John Law's Congregation
Wed 27 May 2020
20:00 £12 (£5 Students)

Stratford Playhouse

CongregationIn contrast to his Re-Creations project, this quartet plays exclusively John’s original compositions, designed to mix contemporary jazz and electronics, often playing over electronic music backing tracks and also occasionally mixing in elements from John’s past in the form of free improvisation from his free improv work in the 1990’s as well as going even further back, drawing inspiration from his classical roots. 
An off-shoot of John Law’s Congregation quartet project of 2014 (which itself came out of his Art of Sound trio project, with first Sam Burgess and Asaf Sirkis and then Yuri Goloubev and Asaf, with many years touring and recording) Congregation recorded the epic double album These Skies In Which We Rust which featured Josh Arcoleo, Yuri Goloubev and Laurie Lowe. Later tours involved Sam Crockatt on saxophones, Ashley John Long and Oli Hayhurst on bass and Lloyd Haines, Dave Hamblett and Billy Weir on drums.
Then in 2016 the quartet line-up stabilised as Ashley John Long and Billy Weir as the dynamic rhythm section and featured, from Mercury Prize nominees Roller Trio, James Mainwaring on both saxophones and guitar and also doing a lot of the electronics that became gradually more and more a feature of the band’s sound and approach. It was this line-up that toured widely in the UK, Germany and India before recording their debut album CONFIGURATION, to be released on Ubuntu Music May 1st 2020.
In 2019 John signed to the label Ubuntu Music. MORE INFO.
New drummer for Congregation! Leading UK drummer, ex-Robert Plant group, Dave Smith, is joining the Congregation for the 2020 CD tour CONFIGURATION!
Short promo film for the new CD CONFIGURATION, out on May 1st 2020 on the label Ubuntu Music