Psycho Yogi

The Hermon

Psycho Yogi is an extraordinary trio of three musicians who bring together their respective instrumental and vocal skills in creating fearless music of great diversity that wittily delivers social and political critique without losing its great entertainment value for even one minute!

With numerous CD releases to their name, Psycho Yogi now sets out to share material from their most recent album ‘Accident Prone’, a collection of tracks with lyrics that question western social values underpinned by an abundance of unusual time signatures and rich chord structures to stimulate the listener’s musical imagination. Front man Chris Ramsing has a unique vocal style that blends spoken word with what is considered traditional - a concert for all who wish to have their funny bone tickled! 

'A curious racket which borrows from the likes of Frank Zappa and King Crimson... but which stands convincingly on its own two feet.' -TNT, UK

'Imagine King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Tom Waits, Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the BBC Youth Jazz Orchestra all playing together. There is some phenomenal playing on here - probably one of the best bunch of musicians that have graced this page.'- Rhythm Magazine, UK

'Psychoyogi are more than a little different. When others are content to cash in on trendy musical resurgences, they attempt what is perhaps the impossible, ­a new direction in music.'

- Beat Magazine (Australia)

'Accident Prone is a forty minute musical journey through a warped but incredibly intelligent mind and you will be a changed person when you come out the other side…’  - Progradar


Chris Ramsing – guitar/vocals

Chris Sansom – bass/vocals

Arnold Lane – drums

Please note that only the first thirty ADV-tickets are sold at the 'Early Bird' price of £10, so early booking is recommended!